About Private Client Fiduciary Corporation



The Private Client Fiduciary Corporation team of professionals brings extensive experience in financial management, care management, and fiduciary services, providing consultation and coordination to meet each client’s preferences, resources, and challenges.  

Whether services are needed for business professionals, families in crisis, or for long-term individual care coordination, our trained professionals assist clients through a wide variety of life’s challenges. We coordinate our services with individuals, families, courts, and other professionals to create arrangements that are specific to the client's preferences, needs, or resources. 

In every role we take on, our client’s well-being remains paramount to our work.

We proudly serve as members of the National Guardianship Association (NGA) and Washington Association of Professional Guardians (WAPG). We carry Fiduciary Professional Liability Insurance for every fiduciary service we provide.


About Our Team


Denise Meador Headshot.jpg

Denise Meador, CPG


Denise brings over 30 years of banking, finance, and real estate experience to her role at Private Client Fiduciary Corporation. She worked in banking for 25 years as a First Vice President, developing her business expertise and acumen before transitioning to support clients in need of professional fiduciary services.

Denise has served in a number of community positions including President of a nonprofit that provided transitional housing, a Board Member of a local housing authority, and a client advocate for those under guardianship. Additionally, she holds experience working in a guardianship agency.

Denise’s degree in Business Administration and Certificate in Professional Guardianship from the University of Washington equip her to provide the highest quality of fiduciary support.



Nicole Jordan, CPG, MS


Nicole holds extensive experience in the social service field, working directly with clients and their service providers to improve client’s well-being and ensure that daily needs are met. She has provided care for those with developmental disabilities, mental health diagnoses, cognitive deficits, and traumatic brain injuries, advocating for their medical and mental health needs, delivering placement options and care plans, and ensuring quality care on behalf of her clients through direct care staff, assisted living facilities, adult family homes, and hospital providers.

Nicole’s true passion is serving as an advocate for incapacitated and developmentally disabled adults. Prior to her time with Private Client Fiduciary Corporation, she worked in the field of guardianship for six years as a personal advocate and as a service provider for a community supportive living agency, contracted by the Developmental Disabled Administration.

Nicole holds Master of Science degrees in Addiction Counseling and Geropsychology, a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Central Washington University, and a Certificate in Professional Guardianship from the University of Washington. 


Jeannie Zech

Senior Financial Manager

With 27 years of management experience in banking, mortgage, and property management, Jeannie brings extensive customer service skills to her role at Private Client Fiduciary Corporation. She is at her best when she is working with people. Her ability to communicate, organize, and execute with both focus and compassion results in exceptional service for her clients.

Prior to her time with Private Client Fiduciary Corporation, Jeannie served 24 years in banking as a Vice President where she developed the ability to connect finance with the needs and dreams of the individuals she served.

Jeannie volunteers regularly in the community. She brings that passion for serving the community to her fiduciary work, taking great pride in using her skills to make people’s lives easier.


Care Management

Carrie Headshot 1.jpg

Carrie Wilson, CPG

Care Manager 

Eighteen years of supporting special education students as a Certified Speech Language Pathology Assistant has given Carrie a unique skill set that supports a variety of those in need. Carrie has raised her own child with Autism and understands the complexities, frustrations, and joys of parenting a child with special needs. As such, she is well-versed in assisting others in obtaining and maintaining services through the Department of Social and Health Services and the Division of Developmental Administration.

As a Certified Professional Guardian, Carrie's approach to Care Management utilizes a person-centered decision-making model, advocating for least restrictive choices and ways to communicate the needs and wants of the individual. She is a board member of two nonprofit organizations in North Snohomish County that provide housing for low-income individuals with disabilities, and was previously an instructor for the University of Washington Guardian Certificate Program.

Amy Headshot.jpg

Amy Stelljes, CPG

Care Manager 

Amy has over twenty years of experience as a professional guardian and is committed to ensuring clients’ independence and dignity as their care needs transition. She enjoys working with and being an advocate for clients who have intellectual and physical disabilities, mental health diagnoses, and dementia. Amy focuses on communication and collaboration with individuals and their families, care providers, facilities, and community programs to develop support and resources for daily and long-term needs. She is experienced with assisting clients during the challenges of relocation and homelessness.

Amy originates from Connecticut and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a certified professional guardian through the State of Washington Office of Administrative Courts.

Jay Dark Gray.jpg

Jay Wilson

Care Manager

Jay comes to Private Client Fiduciary Corporation with an extensive background in Business Administration and Sales in a highly competitive industry. Jay’s commitment and attention to detail along with a strong desire to help others comes from having raised a child with Autism. This has allowed him to obtain a skill set that allows him to be an effective Care Manager.

Jay graduated from Carroll College in Helena, Montana with a degree in Business Administration. He has a certificate in Professional Guardianship from the University of Washington.

Jay devotes much of his free time as a Board Member to a non-profit organization that provides residential housing, care and recreational activities for people with intellectual disabilities in North Snohomish County.

Jay enjoys spending time with family, working and sports!

Kristin P.jpg

Kristin Perry

Client Support Specialist

Kristin is an enthusiastic and innovative professional with over 20 years of project management experience. Kristin is known for her attention to detail, creative problem-solving skills, and her passion for providing the highest levels of customer care.

Prior to joining the Private Client Fiduciary team, Kristin worked in the Events & Hospitality Industry planning community and corporate events, conferences, seminars, workshops and professional networking meetings.

Kristin received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Seattle Pacific University. She is a native Washingtonian and loved growing up among the mountains and forests of scenic Snoqualmie. She was even a paid extra in the series pilot of Twin Peaks.

In her free time, Kristin enjoys landscaping her yard, spending time with her beloved animals, and yoga retreats.


Legal and Financial Services


Brenda Chavez

Financial Coordinator

With fifteen years’ experience in the legal field, Brenda brings the ability to streamline office responsibilities to ensure an efficient and effective office. Her skills include customer service, accounts receivable and payable, automated payroll, and numerous computer applications.

With a passion for helping others stemming from her youth, Brenda brings strong commitment and dedication to all her clients. She takes pride in providing her clients and others around her with the best care and results possible. During her years of service as paralegal to an immigration attorney, Brenda provided personalized legal services for clients from all parts of the world and brought families together.

Outside of work Brenda enjoys attending baseball games, hiking, exercising, reading, spending time with family, friends, and her wonderful two dogs, and loves the Seahawks.


Bryan Fugate


With over 5 years of experience in finance and a deep involvement in local mental health initiatives, Bryan brings a holistic approach to his role as Client Support Specialist. Bryan is involved in peer-to-peer support programs with the National Alliance on Mental Illness throughout Snohomish County. With a client-centered approach to supporting clients, he is at his best when working from a strengths-based approach. Bryan is passionate about helping others. 


Marissa Parker


With an education in accounting, economics, and civil law, Marissa brings a rich history of 41 years in banking.  Using her observant nature and intuition, she seeks to think broadly and deeply about a client’s circumstances to provide compassionate and proficient client management.  She prides herself on her ability to notice details as well as the broad scope.  Marissa believes in nurturing growth which is assisted by her 20+ years supervisory experience as a bank officer and member of the management team.  As a member of the community, she shares her passion in educational outreach, watching things grow, and trail riding with her horse and daughter.  


Administrative Services


Mary Phelps

Administrative assistant

With over 30 years’ experience in various aspects of the medical environment, Mary brings a variety of skills to her administrative position at Private Client Fiduciary; including customer service, strong organizational abilities, writing and reviewing of policies & procedures, and working with computer systems. She provides caring and patience with clients, demonstrating her desire to provide the best service possible. Her ability to quickly learn and adapt to new computer systems is a definite advantage in her position. 

In her previous positions Mary has developed training for staff on various computer applications as well as training on the skills needed to perform job duties that vary from receptionist to administrative roles.  Her ability to provide step-by-step instructions and to adapt training to the individual’s needs while keeping their interest gave new employees the background needed to undertake their duties with confidence.

Personally, Mary enjoys reading technical manuals and watching “how to” videos, particularly related to her interest in computerized embroidery and quilting. She also enjoys traveling with her husband and spending time with her children, grandchildren, and the family dogs.

Jennifer's Shot for Web Page.jpg

Jennifer Kertzman

Administrative Assistant

Jennifer is an accomplished administrative assistant offering 15 years administrative experience working in diverse office environments. Her ability to multitask, organize and deliver on directives brings support to her role at Private Client Fiduciary.

Her true passion is people and animals. She has volunteered in several homeless and animal shelters since adolescence.

Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing soccer, exercising and cooking.



Members of the National Guardianship Association and Washington Association of Professional Guardians. 

We carry Fiduciary Professional Liability Insurance for all the fiduciary services we provide. 

We are licensed, bonded, and insured.