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personal services

In concert with the individuals or families, Private Client manages the client’s financial and/or personal care to provide organization and peace of mind. Whether you would like help because you are a busy professional, busy family, a person with a disability, a senior who wants to enjoy retirement without the paperwork, you have loved ones who live far away, or because this is a particularly stressful time, we are able to customize our services to fit your needs.  Click to see an example of our personal services.

Fiduciary Services

More formalized fiduciary services can be accomplished through a variety of avenues. Private Client Fiduciary Corporation supports clients by acting on their behalf using the tools and capacities of a Power of Attorney or through our affiliate for Court Appointed Trustee or Estate Administrator.

formal guardianship

A guardian is appointed by the courts only when all other avenues have been exhausted, and it has been determined an individual lacks full decision making capacity.  Guardians can be appointed to oversee an individual's financial affairs, personal care, or both.  Guardians can be appointed under limited or full guardianships.  We work with the incapacitated individual and their families to advocate for their preferences and well-being.


Private Client Fiduciary Corporation

Serving the financial and personal care needs of Washington residents

The Private Client Fiduciary Corporation team of professionals brings extensive experience in care management, financial management, and fiduciary services. Our background, careful oversight, compassion, and consideration combine to effectively support or manage the complex aspects of our clients’ lives. In every role we take on, our client’s well-being remains paramount to our work.




Members of the National Guardianship Association and Washington Association of Professional Guardians. 

We carry Fiduciary Professional Liability Insurance for all the fiduciary services we provide.