Personal Financial Services


Personal Financial Services

Personal Financial Management

Coordinating with the individuals or families, Private Client manages the client’s income, expenditures, and other economic activities to provide organization and peace of mind. Whether you would like help because you are a busy professional, active family, a person with a disability, a senior who wants to enjoy retirement without the paperwork, you have loved ones who live far away, or because this is a particularly stressful time, we are able to customize our services to fit your needs.

Examples of our Personal Financial Management Services: 

●   Collect income, pay bills, and organize tax records

●   Assist clients to develop budgets and to provide cash flow analysis

●   Maintain and manage inventory of financial assets

●   Manage medical insurance claims

●   Accounting services for assets and transactions, including annual accountings

●   Facilitate purchase or sale of real property

●   Property management

●   Coordinate with family members and designated interested parties 

Personal Care Management

With input and involvement from individuals and their families, Private Client manages the personal care for individuals. Our goal is to provide for the preferences of each individual while promoting increased safety, comfort and well-being.  Care Management can be a short-term intervention to assist through a challenging time, or can be long-term all the way through the end-of-life process.  Care Management services may be particularly helpful to busy families or families who live apart as we can provide local and in person attention and supervision.  We also seek out and manage public and private resources as needed.


Examples of our Personal Care Management Services: 

●   Work with client, family, and medical specialists to develop a comprehensive assessment and plan for individual needs

●   Find and coordinate placement in long-term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and adult family homes

●   Arrange for service providers and transportation needs

●   Accompany client on medical appointments

●   Regular consultation with client, family, medical staff, and medical specialists

●   Coordinate with financial staff

●    Crisis management, law enforcement or mental health facility coordination




  • Private Client’s Personal Services are a less formal alternative to drafted fiduciary documents or legal guardianship.