Fiduciary Services



Power of Attorney

The Power of Attorney can become effective immediately, or upon an individual becoming incapacitated.  They can also be temporary or perpetual.

Financial Power of Attorney

A method for planning for the unexpected, and arranging to have someone else manage the financial and property affairs in the event an individual is no longer able to do so.

Healthcare Power of Attorney

Medical Powers of Attorney can include a grant of authority over personal issues, including the ability to act as your proxy to make healthcare decisions. This is a valuable tool for ensuring that your preferences stated in a Living Will or Advance Directive are followed. We are available in the case of emergency and able to step in on your behalf to ensure your wishes are respected.

Trust Management and Estate Settlements

Private Client supports court supervised trusts and estate settlements through it’s affiliate Private Client Representatives.  Our affiliate works with attorneys, accountants, appraisers, auctioneers, estate sale individuals, and antique dealers in the area to effectively manage your trust or bring an estate to a close.

Examples of trustee and administrator services:

●   Discover, identify, evaluate, and document all assets

●    Store, transfer, liquidate, sell, or dispose of assets

●   Secure, monitor and manage properties

●   Manage and pay liabilities as appropriate

●   Coordinate with attorneys, accountants, other professionals, and out of state heirs

●  Ensure adherence to all deadlines and reporting requirements